Solar LED Lantern

A cleaner, greener way to brighten your surroundings, wherever you are.Our LED Solar Lanterns are a healthier option for indoor illumination - no kerosene, no smoke and no fumes. A sturdy handle makes it easy to carry anywhere. Our LED Solar Lanterns adopt the latest LED technology, which is revolutionizing lighting application. Despite energy consumption being almost 50% lesser than CFL, the light output is very bright and white. In addition, the LEDs have a very long life, thereby making these lanterns highly reliable and ideal for domestic application.





Hi power state of art LED

Hi glow and long life LED up to 50,000 Hrs life

Strong ABS body

Esthetically designed strong ABS plastic body.

Dimming option

Back up of 12/ hours on full glow & up to  20+ hours on dim mode


Very portable


Long life branded maintenance free battery

Duel charging option

Solar and adopter charging option available

Mobile charging facility 

Mobile charging facility in select model


One year warranty